Nuchal Rigidity


Specific Condition of Meningismus

The specific condition of meningismus is quite different from other conditions that signify an impact on the meninges. Basically, meningismus can be understood from the fact that it demonstrates the symptoms of meningism, but is not qualified to be classified as meningitis. In a nutshell, the condition of meningismus comprises of nuchal rigidity, photophobia and headache, but it does not involve the inflammation and infection of the meninges. Meninges are an important part of the central nervous system and they are responsible for the protection and covering of the central nervous system. Any kind of impact on the meninges can hamper the function of the central nervous system and it is essential that the cases of meningismus and meningitis are taken seriously.

Sign of Nuchal Rigidity

The sign of nuchal rigidity is biggest in determining the condition of meningismus. The triad of nuchal rigidity, photophobia and headache is classified as meningism, and it is a condition that is present in different types of conditions that affect the meninges. When nuchal rigidity sets in the body, the person is not able to flex his neck forward. There is an acute rigidity in the neck muscles and the movement of the neck is quite restricted. In case you are able to observe stiffness and pain in the neck, but there is no major impact on the motion of the neck, then it is classified as a no nuchal rigidity condition. The problem of nuchal rigidity is seen as a clinical sign of meningism, a problem that is seen as a precursor to meningismus. The major difference that exists between meningismus and meningitis is explained below, and it involves the concept of meningism and nuchal rigidity.

Nuchal Rigidity, Meningitis and Meningismus

The problems of nuchal rigidity, meningitis and meningismus are related to each other in different ways. Nuchal rigidity can be observed in both these cases and it involves a stiff neck and headache. A case of nuchal rigidity is seen as a sign of meningitis and meningismus, both. The major difference that lies between meningitis and meningismus is related to the infection or inflammation of the meninges. While meningitis is related to infection and inflammation of the meninges, the condition of meningismus does not involve any inflammation and is classified by nuchal rigidity and other meningism signs.